Who Are We?

Barbican Steakhouse was established in 2009 by Mac Bhatti and his best friend and head chef Adrain wood.  Who had a vision to provide great locally sourced steaks cooked to your liking and reasonably priced, we are a family run business who take great pride in providing great food and service to all our customers with a great American Western Theme,  that will bring out the cowboy and girl in you !!

How We do it

Not only do we provide a nice selection of steak cuts, we have taken it further and working with our local butcher we are the first to introduce larger steaks, introducing the 16oz Fillet, Ribeye and Sirloin, not to mention the 32 oz T bone.   along side our famous man v food section.

Catering For All

Vegetarians, Vegans, Pesketarians? All welcome, our chefs will always cater to your needs. So please give us a  call and book in to the best Steakhouse  in Plymouth.


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Delicious Steaks

Choose your cut, your style, your sauce, and your size. Our steaks will never disappoint.


£19.95 16oz
£32.95 32oz

This T Bone is tender and aged longer than all our other steaks

Rack of Ribs


Tender juicy ribs smothered in BBQ sauce

For the HUNGRY

Think you can beat our Man V Food challenges? Try this on for a start:

The Big 60


60oz* rump steak cooked to your liking, served with chips, salad, coleslaw, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and onion rings. Anyone finishing this steak in 60minutes get a free shot or cocktail.