Barbican Steakhouse Man V Food

    • Steaks & Ribs

      All our beef is 100% British and locally sourced. If you would like to see your steak before it is cooked, please ask your server. All served with fries & mixed salad. Swap salad for a traditional side of mushrooms, peas or tomato for free! Add Surf & Turf £4.95 - Add half a rack of ribs £4.95 - Add Full Rack of ribs £9.95

    • T-Bone

      £19.95 16oz
      £32.95 32oz

      This T Bone is tender and aged longer than all our other steaks

    • Sirloin

      £16.95 10oz
      £25.50 16oz

      Sirloin is on the fattier side, full of tenderness and flavour

    • Ribeye

      £17.25 12oz
      £24.95 16oz
      £29.95 22oz

      Similar to the Sirloin, the rib eye is the fattest cut, filled with flavour and tenderness

    • Fillet

      £18.95 8oz
      £28.95 16oz

      The most tender and lean of all steaks

    • Rump Steak

      £15.95 10oz

      The rump is much leaner with a firm texture, bigger rump cuts in Man V Food section

    • Gammon

      £12.95 8oz

      Accompanied with salad, chips, eggs and pineapple

    • Rack of Ribs


      Tender juicy ribs smothered in BBQ sauce

    • Saucy

    • Pepper

    • Diane

    • Blue Cheese

    • Red Wine & Mushroom

    • Garlic

    • Marinate!

    • Spicy Jerk


    • Cajun


    • American Steak

    • Garlic Butter

    • Man V Food

      Yes, it's true. Just when you think our dishes couldn't get any bigger, they get WAY bigger and also taste great (Not for sharing)

    • Vulcan Fury


      Two chicken fillets, bacon, onion rings, cheese, jalapenos & HOT sauce in a bun, with coleslaw, salad & Fries 

    • Farm Yard


      30oz* of meat! Gammon, 2 sausages, steak, lamb chop, chicken breast served with onion rings, fried egg & traditional sides

    • Chicken & Rib Combo


      Served with chips, salad, coleslaw and onion rings

    • Rump & Rib Combo


      Served with chips, salad, coleslaw and onion rings

    • Super Combo


      Full rack of ribs, 10oz* rump, chicken breast, salad, coleslaw & onion rings

    • Half A Calf


      A monster 20oz* rump served with mixed bean salad, coleslaw and chips

    • The Calf


      Just when you thought we couldn't get any bigger, 40oz* rump with chips, coleslaw and onion rings

    • Moo's The Daddy!?


      A colossal beast! 30oz* Rump with chips, salad, coleslaw & onion Rings

    • The Big 60


      60oz* rump steak cooked to your liking, served with chips, salad, coleslaw, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and onion rings. Anyone finishing this steak in 60minutes get a free shot or cocktail.

    • The Mac Daddy


      Prime 1lb British beef burger served with bacon, mushrooms, cheese, egg, jalapenos and chips