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Butterfly King Prawns 


Breaded & Deep fired, served with a zesty citrus mayonnaise 


Jalapeno Poppers


Mild Spiced peppers stuffed with creamy cheese, served with a salsa sip 


Nacho's Sharing Bowl (V)


A mound of nachos covered in melted cheese, jalapenos peppers, salsa & sour cream 


Chicken Tenders


Juicy goujons of chicken, served barbeque or garlic mayonnaise 


Crab Crostini's


Succulent white crab meat mixed with lime & coriander on a crispy warm crostini's  

Fisherman's Combo

 £4.95 Indv

£6.95 Cpl

A crispy selection of the oceans (Ask server for details)  

Vegetable Filo Wraps (V)


Oriental vegetables wrapped in crispy filo pastry, served with sweet chilli dip


Chicken Wings


Traditional chicken wings served with salad & choice of dips




Pan fried scallops, roasted in white wine and dill sauce




Classic mussels steamed in white wine cream sauce


Mains & Chicken Dishes


Slow Cooked Pork Belly


Melt in your mouth pork on a bed of wilted greens & bacon. Served with sweet potato fries, with a cider, apple & mustard sauce  

Lamb Steak


Chargrilled 8oz leg steak, served with a choice of side salad, wilted greens and bacon or traditional peas, mushrooms and tomatoes


Confit Duck


Confit duck leg served on wilted greens & bacon surrounded with tangy sour cherry & red wine sauce with sweet potato fries


Smothered Fillet Steak


A premium 8oz* Fillet steak covered with chunks of blue cheese & melted with a red wine & mushroom sauce. Served with sweet potato fires & wilted greens


Barbican Steak Classix 1/2lb


Prime British home made beef burger served with a choice of bacon, mushroom, cheese, egg, jalapenos


Choice Chicken


Grilled chicken breast topped with one of the following: Chorizo & cheese, Jalapenos cream sauce, peanut & chilli or plain grilled. Served with sautéed potatoes or chips & mixed salad


Kickin Chicken


Juicy chargrilled chicken breast marinated in fajita seasoning served with tomatoes & garlic sauce  

Chicken Tikka Masala or House Chicken Curry


A home made classic authentic dish. Served in a Karchi dish with basmati rice & a naan bread


Vegetable Lasagne


Roasted pepper & spinach lasagne. Served with a salad and garlic bread  

Steak & Ribs

Man V Food

10oz* Rump


Vulcans Fury


10oz* Sirloin


Two chicken fillets, bacon, onion rings, cheese, jalapenos & HOT sauce served in a bun with coleslaw, salad & chips

12oz* Ribeye


Farm Yard


16oz* T-bone


30oz* of meat! Gammon, 2 sausages, steak, pork steak, lamb chop, chicken breast with onion rings, fried egg & traditional sides

8oz* Fillet


Half a Calf


8oz* Gammon


A monster 20oz* rump served with mixed salad, coleslaw & chips
all served with fries & mixed salad. Swap salad for a traditional side of mushrooms, peas & tomato for free!

Moo's The Daddy?!


Rack of BBQ Ribs


A colossol beast! 30oz* Rump with chips, salad, coleslaw & onion rings

Chickn 'n' Rib Combo


The Calf


Rump 'n' Rib Combo


Just when you thought we couldn't get any bigger a 40oz* Rump with chips, salad, coleslaw & onion rings

Fishy Feasts

Super Combo


Classic Scampi


Full rack ribs, 10oz* rump, chicken breast, salad, coleslaw & onion rings
Served with chips, peas & tartare sauce

Mac Daddy


Pan Fried Sea Bass (^)


Prime 11lb British beef burger served with bacon, mushroom, cheese, egg, jalapenos and chips
Pan fried fillet sea bass with a lemon, thyme & caper butter. Served with bacon wilted greens & seasoned new potatoes

The Big "60"


Glazed Salmon (^)


60oz* Rump. Are you man enough!?
Baked salmon glazed with garlic, honey, balsamic & mustard. Served with lime & dill dressed salad & new potatoes

Pasta Linguine

Smoked Mackerel (^)


Crab, Lime & Chilli £12.95
Fillets of grilled mackerel on a bed of bacon wilted greens, sweet potato mash & served with a tomato & herb sauce Salmon, Chive & Caper £10.95
  Mushroom & Leek (V) £10.95
  Chickem & Bacon £10.95
  Spinach & Ricotta (V) £10.95
  Tomato & Chorizo £10.95




Spicy Jerk £0.75 Pepper £2.75 Chips £2.50
Cajun £0.75 Diane £2.75 Jacket potato £2.50
American Steak £0.75 Tomato & Herb £2.75 New Potatoes £2.50
Sweet Chilli £0.75 Blue Cheese £2.75 Onion Rings £2.50
Garlic Butter £0.75 Wine & Mushroom £2.75 Garlic Bread £2.50
Chilli Butter £0.75     Bread & Oil £2.50
All Condiments Ask     Marinated Olives £2.50
    Side Salad £2.50
    Coleslaw £2.50


Ask your server for our daily selection of appetising desserts £4.95
Mild Medium Hot
(V) - Vegetarian (^) May contain Small Bones * Weight is approximate before cooking
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